You Go, Girl!

A 3-day character development programme for young girls to embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience and empowerment.  Suitable for girls aged 6-12.


About The Programme 

Empowering Our Girls For the Future

Growing up can be a difficult time for our children as they face increased pressure from society and their peers. This is why it is important to provide young girls with the tools that they need to increase their resilience and strengthen their sense of identity. They need to learn useful skills such as emotional intelligence and stress management.


Our mission is to create a strong foundation for young girls aged 6-12, by empowering, guiding and supporting them to become more emotionally, physically and financially confident. 💪💪💪


We have designed various interactive, artistic and reflective activities to fulfill this mission.


This programme is for your daughter if you want her to:


🌟 Feel confident and have amazing self-esteem


🌟 Acknowledge and harness her “super talents”


🌟 Identify her inner critic and challenge it


🌟 Celebrate her dreams and aspirations for the future


🌟 Enhance her decision-making skills


🌟 Feel proud of who she is







*Interest-free instalments are also available for those with a credit/debit card and a valid Singpass. Email us at to request this.

What We Will Cover In The Programme...

  • Day One: Me and My Self Esteem

    Examine your current self-perception and how others perceive you. Create a new self-perception that is filled with positivity.

  • Day Two: My Aspirations

    Visualise, discuss and express your aspirations for the future. Create your ideal self in the future and be encouraged to improve your relationship with yourselves.

  • Day Three: My Decisions

    Learn to use tools and frameworks to make healthy and sometimes difficult choices in your daily life, including navigating your relationships with others. Financial adviser—Nasirah Banu Ramirez from Great Eastern and Magnavera Advisory—will also facilitate a game to teach the girls about making sound financial decisions when it comes to savings.


Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

What kind of changes can I expect to see in my daughter after the programme?

Based on our experience, the girls who attend our program emerge more confident in articulating their ambitions and dreams of the future. They also learn how to be kinder to themselves and others and are more aware of making decisions and financial literacy.

Will there be any breaks provided?

If my daughter is really introverted, would this program be suitable for her?

Crafted and led by

Nasirah Banu Ramirez

Senior Financial Consultant 

Magnavera Advisory

Ms. Nasirah Banu is an established financial consultant with Great Eastern and Magnavera Advisory. She has already qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in her career at such a young age and is the co-owner of three businesses, including one in the medical sector. A former scientist, her interests lie in research and educating future generations about being financially savvy.

Claudine Fernandez

Founder and Principal Instructor 

Artistic Strategies Academy

Claudine Fernandez is the founder of Artistic Strategies Academy, an educational organization that aims to groom young writers in Singapore through the arts.


She has been an educator for over 16 years and she graduated with a Master Degree from Harvard University, specializing in Arts in Education.


She also coaches and conducts professional development workshops for teachers and parents to enhance the creative capacities and critical thinking skills of children.



Yuyun Tan


Inside Out Counselling and Wellness 

Yuyun Tan is an experienced counsellor from Inside Out Counselling & Wellness Practice. She specialises in the areas of separation/divorce, mental health, trauma and addictions. She works therapeutically with children, adolescents and adults, individually and in groups.




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